March seemed to be a bounce-back month for a lot of automotive makes after having to deal with a harsh winter fill with bad weather across the nation. So seeing the Hottest Selling Cars of March really put a perspective on what people were waiting and wanting to buy. Four Ford models were included on this list of 15 and those were the Ford F-Series (who would have guessed?), the Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, and Ford Escape.

You may have noticed our bit of sarcasm with the Ford F-Series considering it has been the most popular vehicle in the United States for years…years! “Once again, the Ford F-Series, which includes the F-150, F-250, and F-350, has blown the competition away, with over 70,000 units sold in March,” says Michael Zak from AOL Autos.

2015 Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 enjoyed a strong month.

But let’s look at everything now:

Hottest Selling Cars of March – Ford (make header)

  • Ford F-Series – 1st place with 70,940 units sold, 5.1% better than March 2013
  • Ford Fusion – 7th place with 32,963 units sold, 8.8% better than March 2013
  • Ford Escape – 9th place with 28,701 units sold, down 0.8% from March 2013
  • Ford Focus – 13th place with 23,974 units sold, down 3.8% from March 2013

Have you been a part of the excellent Ford sales yet this year? If not, it is time to research which vehicle you want and then go for a test drive in it at Morristown Ford.

Morristown Ford

The 2014 Ford Fusion

Compared to March of 2013, the March Ford sales for 2014 increased by 3 percents, making it the best in eight years. The models that contributed the most to the improved sales are the Ford Fusion and, of course, the F-Series.

March Ford sales were at an eight-year high of 244,167 vehicles, with retail sales being at 166,030. In that, the Ford Fusion sold 32,963 models and the Ford F-Series sold a whopping 70,940 units. For the F-Series that marks only the fourth time sales have surpassed the 70,000 point. These numbers couldn’t have impressed Ford much more than what they did.

“March sales turned noticeably higher mid-month and finished strong,” said John Felice, Ford vice president, U.S. marketing, sales, and service. “Fusion set an all-time record in March, as overall retail sales in the West continued to expand at the fastest rate in the nation – including California being up 32 percent. F- Series also had a very strong month, as did Lincoln MKZ.” (Ford Sales Release)

Were you a part of the March Ford sales? Let us know what vehicle you drove away with in our comment box below! If you weren’t a customer in March, then come be a customer now, and help us set record sales for April and other months in the future! Morristown Ford offers an extensive lineup of Ford vehicles including the record-setting Fusion and F-Series.


The Ford Fusion is in a class of its own when it comes to Comfort.

Let’s take some time to imagine scenario. You are driving down a long open road. Nothing is out there but trees and crops. It has already been a three hour drive. How is your body feeling? Are you relaxed and comfortable? Well, if you aren’t, then you are not driving in the right vehicle! The Ford Fusion comfort has recently been ranked as one of the top nine Best Cars for Comfort from Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports chose the Ford Fusion Titanium trim level as one of the most comfortable rides because of its smooth handling, quiet interior, and seating styles:

“The top level Ford Fusion Titanium has a composed, civilized, and steady ride. The cabin stays blessedly quiet, with a hush broken only by the climate fan on brisk mornings and by the gruff engine note. The front seats are well shaped and comfortable, with good lower-back support. The leather seats are more supportive than the cloth seats, where we found the padding somewhat spongy on long trips.” – Consumer Reports

If you are planning on taking a long road trip or simply need some comfort when you are stuck in traffic, then check out the Ford Fusion comfort and all the options available with the Titanium trim level. Come be Morristown Ford to check one out, and then let us know what you think in the comments below.

2015 Ford F-150

The new Ford F-150 remains at the top of the vehicle list.

Well all know just how popular the Ford F-150 is, being the top choice for vehicles for numerous years. Well, now it isn’t just about the F-150. We are seeing a lot of trucks taking over the market with SUVs, and leaving cars in the dust, for lack of a better cliché.

Pickup trucks and SUVs continue to increase in sales each month, well cars are staying under 50 percent of them all. Since 1994, the percent of new light trucks purchased has gone from 40.3% of the market, to a staggering 52.6%, with cars falling to 47.4%. This steady increase in 20 years is presumed to continue throughout the next 20 years.

Haig Stoddard, analyst, says, “As long as the economy keeps growing, pickups will be strong.” (Detroit Free Press)

While we do pride ourselves on the incredible Ford F-150, we do want you to see just how much pickup trucks are dominating the market:

  1. Ford F-150
  2. Chevrolet Silverado
  3. Nissan Altima
  4. Ram Pickups
  5. Toyota Camry

So as you can see, in the top five sales for February, three pickup trucks emerge, with two being in first and second place. So stop in to Morristown Ford today to check out one of our many Ford pickups and see why there’s a trend for trucks taking over the market.

Sleep Driving

Driving while sleepy could cause fatal accidents.

There are many precautions we take every day in order to help prevent ourselves from getting hurt. That can range from wearing a jacket when it is cold, to wearing a helmet when riding a bike, or making sure that your seatbelt is on in a car. Then why put yourself at risk for such a thing like sleepy driving? That is a major factor in car crashes across the nation.

“’Fox & Friends’ reports 60 percent of Americans admit to driving drowsy on a daily basis.” (AOL article) With that they tested an experiment using their very own reporter, Clayton Morris. In the experiment he deprived himself of sleep for 24 hours and then got behind the wheel in a controlled environment.

Within minutes of being on the road he was already showing signs of sleep deprivation while driving. In the entire 1 hour and 10 minutes he was driving, he showed 24 signs of being impaired, such as swerving or jerking. After just 15-20 minutes he was unable to retain the speed limit of 35 mph. Just imagine what kind of crash he may have caused if this wasn’t a controlled experiment.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that more than 100,000 crashes occur each year, and that leads to about 40,000 injuries and over 1,500 deaths. Is that something that you really want to be a statistic for?

Please be careful on the roads, and make sure that you will be able to stay awake while driving. Because after seeing what drowsy driving can do, you won’t want to be on the other side of that.


Ford F-150 February sales were the best that the company has seen in eight years, despite the fact that entire lineup sales were down for the month. This once again reassures of the Ford F-150’s affect on the pickup truck industry.

“F-Series sales totaled 55,882 in February, making the month Ford’s best February for F-Series in eight year,” said a Ford Press Release.

Those numbers from the Ford F-150 February sales just add to the fact that it is America’s best-selling truck for 37 years. That’s right… 37 YEARS! Each Ford F-150 comes stocked with all the power you need as well as the right amount of comfort and technology to keep everyone up to date with the times. really says it well in their review of the 2014 Ford F-150, “The 2014 Ford F-150 is offered in a substantial array of trims and powertrains to accommodate all manner of towing, hauling or off-road needs. Although it’s not the freshest full-size out there, it remains a must-drive for shoppers.”

A must-drive for shoppers is right! That’s why at Morristown Ford we keep an extensive lineup of new Ford F-150 trucks on our lot. If everyone else thinks it a must drive, then it’s time you do too!


The 2014 Ford Flex has been named one of the top 12 family cars.

Kelley Blue Book has announced their list of the ‘12 Best Family Cars for 2014,’ and the 2014 Ford Flex SUV has made the list. With its unique design, the Flex offers many features that definitely impressed the judges as

Roomy interiors are extremely important when it comes to SUVs, and the Flex is no different. Unlike the rest of its kind, the 2014 Ford Flex SUV features a low, long, lean body capable of seating seven. But it also has the power to haul all of that cargo. Under the hood you will find a 3.5-liter V6 twin turbocharged engine generating 365 horsepower (available with upgraded trim levels).

So what else did Kelley Blue Book like about the 2014 Ford Flex SUV? “There’s a lot to like about the Flex, but from a family-car perspective, we’d have to give the nod to its capabilities as a baby seat transporter. There’s a ton of space between even a rear-facing booster and the front passenger seat, so much so that even our tallest editor, at more than 6-feet 4-inches, had an excess of legroom.” (

Come get one of the 12 Best Family Cars, the 2014 Ford Flex, at Morristown Ford in Tennessee. Bring the family along if you would like too. That way you can get a real test in for it.


The Ford Mustang is an American Icon.

Thanks to Yahoo! Autos, there is a list compiled of the 10 Most Iconic Cars of the Past 25 Years. On this list in the number four spot you will find the iconic Ford Mustang, a staple in the sports car world, and a great model in the Ford lineup.

Yahoo! mentions that the 2005-2009 models are the most important of the past 25 years because of its redesigned “retro-futurist look.” This helped to set the pace for Mustangs in the future and for other makes’ sports cars.

“Sales jumped from fewer than 130,000 in 2004 to more than 160,000 in 2005,” says Jason Nolte of Yahoo! Autos. It gave the Mustang line a huge boost and prompted Chevy and Dodge to make similar retro tweaks to their Camaro, Charger, and Challenger.”

Going back to its first generation roots, the iconic Ford Mustang featured an America-made muscle style that it also carried in the ‘60s and ‘70s. This kind of beauty you just can’t beat. How often do you notice someone restoring an old classic muscle car, and it takes all the focus off of any other car on the road? More than you think.

There is a reason why the Mustang made this list, and it is going to continue making strides as an iconic model. Get a new or used iconic Ford Mustang from Morristown Ford today, and drive off in a sports car that won’t soon be forgotten.


Competitors of the American-made automotive giant have already announced that they plan to have autonomous drive vehicles by 2020. So, Ford autonomous vehicle research is teaming with MIT and Stanford in an effort to get theirs out faster.

“To deliver on our vision for the future of mobility, we need to work with many new partners across the public and private sectors, and we need to start today,” said Paul Mascarenas, Chief Technical Officer and Vice President of Ford Research and Innovation. (Chris Ecclestone, Motrolix)

MIT and Stanford, both known for their high-tech education and employment, will be helping in the development of the Ford autonomous vehicle in different aspects. MIT’s partnership with Ford will focus on algorithms that help to predict where vehicle and pedestrians might be moving. While at Stanford, they will be researching how sensors may be able to see around obstacles, much like we try to do when driving.

The lucky vehicle chosen to begin this research will be the Ford Fusion Hybrid which is part of Ford’s Blueprint for mobility that outlines what Ford thinks transportation will be like in 2025.

At Morristown Ford, we are anxious to see how the Ford autonomous vehicle will advance over the next decade. Make sure you check back with us to keep in tune with where it is going!


According to the latest Consumer Reports, the Ford automotive brand is among the top competitors that consumers think of first. Ford, ranking second, comes just behind Toyota and above Honda and Chevrolet.

Consumer Reports brand perception scores reflect how consumers perceived each brand in seven important buying factors, ranked here in order of the importance to consumers: quality, safety, performance, value, fuel economy, design/style, and technology/innovation.” (Consumer Reports Press Release)

There are many vehicles that the Ford automotive brand can thank for making it the number 2 automotive make on consumers’ minds, but some stand out more than the rest.

Ford Automotive Brand Vehicles (make header)

  • Ford F-150 – being the most popular vehicle in America for years really tells you something about this truck. It is the highest rated Ford model and overall vehicle on the market.
  • Ford Mustang – a staple in performance engineering, the Mustang is as important as any other vehicle on the lot. Its sports car style and attitude really pushes through to consumers.
  • Ford Focus – a leading EPA estimated mpg, and available electric engine, gives this car an edge over other models on the market. Don’t let this one get away from you.

Improving three points from last year, there is no reason as to why the Ford automotive brand couldn’t make the top of the list next year. Show your support by coming to Morristown Ford and ask about our latest Ford vehicles on the lot. We know that we come first in your mind!