Kevin Sanderson Collects Sounds From Michigan Ford Plant For Possible Composition

Michigan Ford Plant

Listen. There is music everywhere. Just ask Kevin Sanderson. He makes electronic music and collects sounds from many unlikely sources to do it. The Detroit News calls him “the founding father of Detroit techno.”

Lately, he found himself inside of Ford Motor Co.’s Michigan Assembly Plant. He wandered around the plant, microphone in hand, recording all of the industrial sounds – all of the sounds that a person starts to ignore after they hear them day in and day out. Sounds that a person might even think are ugly.

Describing how he felt inside, he said, “It’s very Detroit. You know people who work in a plant, you see the cars in a store or on the street. Coming in and seeing the machinery, seeing the whole process, I think it’s amazing.”

Will he use these sounds to create a tune or two? Sanderson said, “It’s hard to say what it will be used for…” He apparently doesn’t like to force it, allowing room for genius and inspiration, saying of the sounds he collected, “It could bring nothing, it could bring something amazing.”

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