Kansas City Ford Plant Starts Production

Kansas City Ford Plant

Now that the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 is on the market, it’s hard to even remember (and even harder to justify) why people were so skeptical of this amazing full-size truck. The lighter, yet more powerful, pickup has hit the ground running—and Blue Oval customers have created a huge demand for the truck. To support that demand, a Kansas City Ford Plant just started producing the new F-150.

The Kansas City Assembly Plant joins the Dearborn Truck Plant as the two plants that are currently working hard to churn F-150 trucks off the line. The Kansas City Plant also builds special versions of the F-150 with an eight-foot cargo box and heavy payload. That version of the truck will be specifically useful for commercial customers.

“The all-new F-150 has surpassed our expectations – setting new standards for full-size truck capability, technology and efficiency,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president, The Americas. “With production starting at Kansas City Assembly, we are better poised to start meeting growing customer demand for our pickup.” The new trucks only sat on dealership lots for an average of 12 days in January and 18 days in February, so make sure to come see us at Morristown Ford right away to get your hands on one of these awesome trucks!

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