Behind The Scenes Film Tells Thrilling Story of the New Ford GT

New Ford GT

In a behind the scenes making-of film, a Ford designer mentions that over the years, people have always asked, “When are you going to do the next Ford GT?” Finally, the people’s appetite for such a vehicle has been satiated.

Ford revealed its new supercar last month at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. Looking at it, there’s no doubt it’s a Ford GT—a move that was very deliberate. As one designer says in the film, Ford’s goal with the new 600-plus-horsepower GT was to “honor the history of the car.”

The new Ford GT is what a supercar should be—a divine marriage between art and engineering. The Ford team is not shy about admitting its ambition the GT’s design and conception.

The car is also unique in that its virtual counterpart was designed right along with it, to be featured in the video game Forza Motorsports. Believe it or not, Ford thought that this was a very important part of the GT’s development. Kip Wing, Ford’s Assistant Chief Engineer, said, “With the way video games areS evolved and how driving simulators have evolved, you get a much more true sense about what the true ownership experience is about.”

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