Ford Takes the Car Sharing Experience to the Next Level with GoDrive

Car sharing experience

Amidst the growing popularity of car sharing services, Ford is doing what it does best and taking the car sharing experience to the next level by offering one-way travel with a guaranteed parking spot. What began as an experiment in London, dubbed City Driving On-Demand, is now being launched publicly as GoDrive.

The service makes car sharing simple and stress-free, allowing customers to simply go and drive at an affordable price, and without the hassle of looking for parking.

Guaranteed parking. Those are two words that immediately take away some of the day’s stress, right? GoDrive is the only car sharing service that provides one-way driving with the promise of parking on the other side. In addition, its system is set up so drivers are able to pay as they travel, allowing for additional convenience.

“Our research tells us that car clubs currently are perceived as inflexible when it comes to booking, time slots and return locations. Features such as one-way journeys and pay-as-you-go extend the number of opportunities that drivers would want to car-share and could prove a game-changer,” said Alicia Agius, project lead for Ford of Europe’s GoDrive. “More drivers are finding GoDrive to be a key service that can potentially empower people living in the city with its flexible approach.”

Ford is also testing the GoDrive program here in the US under the name Car Swap with a select group of employees. In addition, the automaker has launched Dynamic Shuttle, a pilot service intended for commuters in New York City.

Of course, we’ll keep you updated with any news of these US-based services going public. For now, if you plan to travel in the UK any time soon, you can sign up for a free GoDrive membership and £20 driving credit.

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