Tips for Better Fuel Efficiency

Better fuel efficiency


Driving is not an inexpensive task. With the high price of gas, it can cost you a lot. Fortunately, there are ways to help improve your gas mileage to get you places for less. Here are some tips for better fuel efficiency.


Maintain the Speed Limit

Driving the speed limit isn’t only the smart thing to do, but the efficient thing to do as well. Your gas mileage drops drastically when you drive faster than 50 mph. Keep things at a steady pace to win the gas mileage race.

Remove Heavy Objects

Heavy cargo can really weigh you down, especially when it comes to fuel efficiency. For every additional 100 pounds in your car, your mpg is reduced by 1%. Remove that unneeded weight as soon as possible.

Avoid Sudden Starts and Stops

Sudden starts and stops may make you feel like a racecar driver, but they sure won’t make you rich like one! Accelerate smoothly and coast to get more bang for your buck.

Use Cruise Control

When travelling on the highway, or interstate, try setting your speed with cruise control. This will regulate your speed and waste less gas!


Now, if none of our tips work for you, it might be time for a new vehicle. Come into Morristown Ford to view any of our fuel efficient vehicles today!


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