Engines Exposed: A Look at the Power Under the Hood

Engines Exposed

Have you ever wanted to see under the hood of a classic car? The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan is offering a new exhibit through February 28th called “Engines Exposed.” Visitors will be offered a close-up look under the hoods of more than 50 vehicles at the museum.

CBS Detroit reports that some of the automobiles with hoods open will include the 1886 Ford Quadricycle, the 1937 Cord 812, the 1962 Mustang I, and the 1932 Ford V8. Visitors will be able to observe the unique engines that provide the power under the hood.

Ford changed the automotive world with some of these engines. One example of a unique engine would be the 1916 dual power hybrid engine, found in a Woods Coupe over 80 years before hybrid technology became a mainstream technology.  Another example would be the engine found in the 1965 Goldenrod which set a land speed record.

Every Saturday during the “Engines Exposed” exhibit, there will be a hands-on experience called “Tinker.Hack.Invent.” This area will allow young auto engineers to learn about various methods used to power cars in the past, present, and possible future.

The “Engines Exposed” exhibit is free with museum entrance. Entrance fees and visiting hours of the museum can be found at www.thehenryford.org.

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