Four New Ford SUVs By 2020

New Ford SUVs


Ford’s lineup isn’t lacking in terms of utility and vehicles designed with large families in mind. That isn’t stopping the automaker from expanding even further, though. Ford is looking to take more of the United States market, mostly in the form of upcoming buyers. To do so, Ford has pledged to add four new crossovers and SUVs to its lineup by 2020.

The new Ford SUVs could very well include some familiar nameplates, like the Ford Bronco, but it’s more likely these will be new models entirely.

Ford is targeting the 80 million or so drivers that are coming of age in addition to the existing 80 million baby boomers who are comfortable in their SUVs. Combined with lower gas prices, it’s likely Ford’s marketing move will be a success.

“Some SUVs now rival the fuel efficiency of V6-powered midsize sedans from only a few years ago, and as baby boomers grew up with much less capable, much less efficient vehicles, they tend to appreciate the efficiency of Ford’s newest SUVs,” said Mark LaNeve, Ford’s vice president of marketing, sales, and service.

While Ford isn’t releasing details just yet, the fact that four new crossovers and SUVs will take their place on the lineup is enormous news all on its own.

We here at Morristown Ford can’t wait to see what new models make their way onto the lineup in coming years!

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