Signs You Need a New Car

Need a New Car

Knowing when you need a new car can be difficult to determine, especially if your old car is still running. While there are some drawbacks to buying a new car, such as monthly payments, replacing your old car could save you money in the long run. If you’re having some trouble determining whether or not it’s time to replace your old car, never fear! We here at Morristown Ford have a few signs that mean you’re in need of a new car!

  1. Safety – Automakers have made leaps and bounds in safety equipment and technology compared to a decade ago. New technology, like lane-keep assist, makes driving much easier and safer. Accident prevention systems work to keep you out of accidents. While your old car may have airbags and electronic stability control, you’re still taking a risk. If your car doesn’t have electronic stability control, it’s definitely time to upgrade.
  2. Repairs – As cars age, they generally need more repairs that you have to pay for out-of-pocket. Some repairs can be cheap, while others can cost thousands of dollars. Rather than waste money with major repairs, use the money on a down payment for a new car instead.
  3. Fuel Economy – Older models tend to get fewer miles per gallon compared to new models. As a result, you could be spending twice as much at the pump. Over the course of a year, that can add up to thousands of dollars.

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