Ford Driving Skills for Life Program Adds Drugged Driving Suit

ford driving skills for life

Ford’s community efforts are oftentimes just as innovative as their cars and trucks can be. Every year, Ford trots its Ford Driving Skills For Life event around the world. It’s a fascinating exhibit designed to offer teens very tangible lessons in safe driving.

New this year to the Ford Driving Skills For Life program is a Drugged Driving Suit. Donning the suit is equivalent to ingesting all sorts of illegal, mind-altering substances.

Anyone wearing it will experience hallucinations, limited perception, and slow reaction time. There are background sounds coming from the headphones, weights on the wrists and ankles to restrict movement and glasses design to impair vision.

On a safe, closed course, teens get the opportunity to drive while wearing the suit. This provides an unforgettable lesson for any teen participating.

This is the 13th year of the Ford Driving Skills For Life, which also includes lessons on pedestrian safety and safety belt use as well as a Drunk Driving Suit.

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