Ford Recruits Spotify App for New Fordpass Service

New Fordpass Service

the realm of mobile services and app marketplaces. The new Fordpass service is designed to be available to all drivers – not just the owners of Ford cars – to provide them with new connectivity services that give them access to a variety of apps and features, up to and including rewards programs. Now, Ford and Spotify have joined forces to bring the popular streaming app to Fordpass members.

The Fordpass service is due to launch sometime this month, which offers programs such as a free concierge who can book or extend parking for you, a virtual wallet called FordPay which presumably will operate similar to PayPal, airport car-sharing through FlightCar, and a variety of services such as Spotify, McDonald’s, and 7-Eleven which will offer Fordpass members exclusive perks, benefits, and merchandise.

Ford also intends to open storefronts for Fordpass members, which will be called FordHubs. The first storefronts will reportedly be located in populated urban centers like Shanghai, London, New York, and San Francisco, but as the service grows in popularity, it’s possible that FordHubs will begin springing up in a variety of locations.

As of right now, specifics on a number of features offered by the new Fordpass service aren’t available. Since the mobility service is still a new and experimental business venture, it’s likely that information won’t be available until Fordpass is released to the public.

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