Best Vacation Spots in Tennessee

best vacation spots in Tennessee

best vacation spots in Tennessee

It’s a state that encompasses not one but two of the most musically significant cities in America. It’s known for its mountains and its lakes. The problem with the best vacation spots in Tennessee is not finding one. It is deciding which one to visit!


# 1 – Lynchburg

Tennessee is synonymous with that definitive American liquor: Jack Daniels whiskey. It’s difficult not to marvel at the degree of craft that goes into distilling this special brand of fire water. They even make their own hard sugar maple charcoal onsite. Be sure to revel in the distinct beauty of the surrounding landscape while you’re there!


# 2 – Knoxville

Nashville and Memphis get an awful lot of press but Knoxville certainly holds its own as one of Tennessee’s greatest treasures. Plenty of outdoor adventures can be had in Knoxville, including ziplining! The city is also rich in history. Visit the revamped Tennessee Theater for a show or visit the Confederate Memorial Hall to experience a significant piece of history from the Civil War.


# 3 – Memphis

In a way, Nashville and Memphis work like counterparts to each other. While Nashville is known for its slick, country productions, Memphis produced a grittier, perhaps more honest kind of music. You can still experience the music of Memphis today at clubs like Alfred’s On Beale and B.B. King’s Blues Club.

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