Ford Mustang Impresses Stunt Driver Ben Collins

Stunt Driver Ben Collins

When Ford set out to create the latest model of the Ford Mustang, they wanted to create a car that would thrill any type of driver. Recently, the 2016 Ford Mustang made a lasting impression on one of the most famous drivers in the world.

According to My Ford Magazine, the Ford Mustang impressed stunt driver Ben Collins.

Collins is one of the most famous stunt drivers in the world, having driven vehicles during James Bond chase scenes as well as appearing on Top Gear. In his field, Collins has driven hundreds of cars. Few have impressed him more than the Ford Mustang!

One reason why Collins was so enamored with the Mustang is due to its similarities to performance vehicles of the 1970s, a favorite automotive era for the stunt driver.

“Ford has really nailed it with the Mustang,” said Collins. “The car has tons of feel, but you don’t lose that American edge, which is a car that gives you feedback…. It’s nothing like anything else of that ilk in my mind.”

When you have driven as many cars as Ben Collins has, it takes a lot to impress you. However, the Ford Mustang has a lot of things going for it that help make it the best performance vehicle in the industry.

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