Electric Vehicle Initiatives in Phoenix, Arizona

Electric vehicle initiatives

Phoenix, Arizona is currently the fifth-largest city in the entire country. However, its growth has not come without a cost! All of that increased urbanization can cause a bit of harm toward the environment. Fortunately, the people and the government of Phoenix are currently coming up with some fantastic ways to make Phoenix a more sustainable city. Some of those projects include electric vehicles like the Ford Focus EV.

In fact, a recent story from My Ford Magazine focused on the electric vehicle initiatives in Phoenix, Arizona.

One of the most outspoken proponents of sustainable initiatives in Phoenix is the mayor of Phoenix himself: Mayor Greg Stanton. Mayor Stanton is currently working with the city government to find ways to help increase the sustainability of the city he leads. One such way that he and the city plan to do so is through the use of electric vehicles like the Ford Focus EV.

Speaking of electric vehicle initiatives in Phoenix, Kelly Barr and Kathy Knoop, two citizens of the Phoenix area, are currently working to increase awareness of their Salt River Project, a public power utility. One way that the Salt River Project is being used is to charge electric vehicles.

Phoenix, Arizona is currently initiating plans to become a big city that has a positive effect upon the environment.

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