Hayride Safety Tips

hayride safety tips

Hayrides are one of the most fun things about the fall season, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t take precautions. Here are some hayride safety tips to keep you and your kids safe this fall.

You first want to make sure the ride itself is safe. Only go on hayrides where the wagon has side panels, and check the path in advance for hazards you might run into. If you’re organizing the hayride, make sure you have fresh, dry hay, as wet hay is slippery and can lead to injury.

Plan the route thoroughly and know it before you take off. Have a detailed procedure for loading and unloading the truck. If you’re going to a business that organizes hayrides, pay attention to their rules and explain them to your children.

Once you’re on the wagon, watch your footing while finding a place to sit. You don’t want your foot to slip between slats and hurt yourself. Stay seated the entire time, and hold onto the side rails so you don’t fall over. You should also keep your hands and feet inside—if you through a tight space or hit something with your hand, you could get injured.

Don’t roughhouse, and don’t let your kids roughhouse. This could lead to other people falling off or the driver getting distracted and running into something. Use common sense!

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