Changing Your Oil: The Basics

Changing Your Oil

When most people think of car maintenance, they think of oil changes. While this is one of the most common vehicle services, few people know how to perform an oil change. When it comes down to it, you have two options: have your vehicle serviced or do it yourself.

Safety First

According to Family Handy Man, changing your oil isn’t too difficult for most. The first step is to jack up your vehicle and put jack stands under the car to prevent it from falling. You should also apply your emergency brake as well. Then, remove the drain plug. This is located on the bottom of the oil pan.

Out With The Old

After allowing the oil to drain from your vehicle, it’s now time to remove the oil filter. Filters can be difficult to get off, one reason you might consider buying a special tool from your local auto parts store to do the trick. Remove the filter and the old gasket. Apply the new gasket and filter (many filters should have a thin coat of fresh oil around them when you install).

In With The New

Now that the oil has been drained and the new oil filter has been installed, you can fill up your car with fresh oil. Read the owner’s manual for details on the optimum oil and oil viscosity. If don’t think you’re up to the task of changing your oil, bring it to our service center. Our professional technicians can do it quick and easy, performing inspections and other services while you wait.

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